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About CNA

About Children Need Arts

The global children’s cultural summit ‘Children Need Arts’ has the goal of generating action across national borders and cultural disciplines.

We will put children’s culture on the agenda and let arts and culture become a cornerstone in the everyday lives of all children.

Arts and cultural activities are a strong lever for the development of children. This is especially true of underprivileged children. When children gain access to arts and cultural activities, they have the opportunity to realise their potential and thus become active citizens of society who contribute to solving some of the significant challenges the world faces.

With the global children’s cultural summit, we will reach new target groups within ministries, municipalities, organisations and stakeholders in conveying the understanding that, when we invest in children’s access to cultural activities from an early stage until they are well on their way in life, it is a benefit for both children and society.

Each Children Need Arts cultural summit is held with a new theme, through which actual cases are presented and action plans are discussed.

When we invest in opportunities for children, expand their worldview and give them courage to face life, we help them to believe in their own importance. This gives them courage to deal with the challenges they meet in life. It is a benefit both for the children and for society because we thus help the children become active citizens of society.

In the area of children and culture, on a global basis, one can find many ‘undiscovered’ initiatives that yield valuable results. The summit in 2022 has a focus on communicating this knowledge about children’s culture more widely. At the summit, a wide range of cases from several countries will be presented, and there will be interaction among Nordic ministers, organisations, participants and presenters with the objective of generating greater action.

The organisation’s work between the summits

As an organisation, we want to create a basis for constant development and activity between the rollout of the children’s cultural summits and thus reach new target groups through direct contact, participant recommendations, press communication and media.

Just as we want to reach children and young people who, due to social or geographical reasons, are cut off from cultural activities in everyday life, we also want to appeal to new decision-makers and actors who will contribute to expanding and creating possibilities for these target groups.

We will reach new target groups within ministries, municipalities and organisations in conveying the understanding that, when we invest in children’s access to cultural activities from an early stage, and until they are well on their way in life, it is a benefit not only for the children, but also for society.

To generate action on the goals decided on at the summit, the secretariat will, between summits, work in a targeted way on:

  • Communicating more widely the results from the children’s cultural summit through articles, workshops and national as well as international media.
  • Communicating more widely interesting research and cases in the field, among other ways through the knowledge bank on the Children Need Arts website.
  • Entering into more partnerships that actively contribute to the development of the summit’s content and goals and that contribute to knowledge sharing through the partners’ networks.
  • Getting more organisations with strong cases engaged in partnerships.
  • Activating ambassadors for Children Need Arts to contribute messages via short videos and media.

Children’s Cultural Summit in 2016

In 2016, Barndrømmen, in collaboration with Children & the Arts (UK), held the first children’s cultural summit in Denmark, with a focus on the significance the arts have for children’s education, well-being and possibilities in life.

There, a professional community including persons from ministries, regions, municipalities, associations, organisations, and cultural and educational institutions was brought together for mutual inspiration and learning. The summit in 2016 was a great success, and the foundation for a number of children’s cultural projects was laid there.

At the children’s cultural summit in 2016, it became clear that there is a need for a strongly established international network for disseminating children’s culture and the positive effects contributed to by children’s and young people’s access to cultural activities. Such an international network, including a knowledge bank, cannot be found.

The arrangement of the Children Need Arts – Global Summit in April 2023 is only the beginning of an ambitious, but necessary initiative.

The intention is that the summit will be an annual, recurring event and that a small secretariat will be set up to continue the work between summits.

Due to Covid-19, we reserve the right to make changes to the program for the global children’s cultural summit ‘Children Need Arts 2023’.

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