A heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated at the international

Children need arts
- global summit



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Children Need Arts believe in arts and cultural activities as a strong lever for the development of children. When children gain access to arts and cultural activities, they have the opportunity to realize their potential and thus become active citizens of society who contribute to solving some of the significant challenges the world faces.

  • Children Need Arts does not promote culture just for its own sake. We do it to broaden the worldview of children, boost their curiosity, increase their sense of fellowship, develop their abilities to create and innovate and improve their social and mental well-being. We help children believe in their own capabilities and dare to think big.
  • Children Need Arts has the objective of ensuring that all children have the same right too and possibilities for learning and developing through arts and cultural activities.
  • Children Need Arts wants to inspire action by decision-makers and key actors by setting focus on and disseminating more widely the current knowledge, cases and research about the socioeconomic and social benefits of children’s culture. We thus want to advance the recognition that the arts disciplines help to strengthen and promote learning, development and creative growth in every child.
  • Children Need Arts has the objective of putting children’s access to cultural experiences and activities on the agenda as well as advocating for increased action that can create more cultural offerings for children and young people, regardless of social, economic and geographical background.
  • Children Need Arts will begin an international movement that works to ensure that all children, regardless of social or geographical background, have access to the benefits and development potential that lie in the multitudinous world of arts and culture.

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