A heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated at the international

Children need arts
- global summit


Our goal

We want to set a powerful agenda for children’s culture

The goal of the global children’s cultural summit Children Need Arts is to create a foundation and a strong cooperative effort for action across national borders and cultural disciplines. 

Children Need Arts wants to set a powerful agenda for children’s culture – nationally as well as internationally – and let arts and culture become a cornerstone in the everyday lives of all children.

Children Need Arts will promote much greater societal understanding of the values that lie in the multifaceted world of the arts.

Worthwhile investment

Arts and cultural activities play an important but greatly undervalued role in the development of children. Through this perspective we help children to fulfil their potential, seek the good life and become active citizens, which contributes to solving some of the significant challenges the world faces. It is not only a benefit for the children, but also for society.

Investing in arts for children means expanding their worldview, helping them to find the courage to face life, believe in their own importance and to cope with the challenges they meet.

We have a strong obligation as a society to create the best possible framework for the development of all children. 

Focus on action

Children Need Arts has a focus on sharing international knowledge about how arts create value for children and society.

The summit in Copenhagen from in May 2023 will present a wide range of cases from several countries. We will generate more interaction between participants and presenters and draw up a specific action plan, which the participants will contribute to and commit themselves to. 

Children Need Arts wants to create a movement that will ensure all children have opportunities for development through qualified arts education and activities.

All experience tells us that a strong cooperative effort is the basis for creating lasting changes in a society. That is especially true when it concerns children. Therefore, together, we must create a children’s culture that includes action, hope and courage. 

The Children Need Arts summit will work towards this purpose.

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