Changes for the Children Need Arts – Global Summit

Due to Covid-19 some changes have been required

Due to Covid-19, the summit is moved to 2-3 May 2022, when we very much look forward to welcoming you to two exciting days focused on how arts create value for children and society.

Covid-19 has unfortunately meant big changes for everyone. And, therefore, Children Need Arts has changed our plans for the period up to May 2022.

We obviously cannot wait until 2022 to act, and we are chock-full of good ideas for how we can get moving on the discussion about arts, culture and children.

One of the first initiatives we have set in motion is a knowledge bank. The knowledge bank links to central research and evidence on the importance that arts and culture have for the development of children and their opportunities in life. The knowledge bank is open to everyone and will contribute to a fact-based discussion of the relevance of arts in schools, institutions and leisure time.

At the same time, we are now strengthening the network among the summit’s partners and alliance partners so that we will be flying when we can finally meet in Copenhagen on 2-3 May 2022. More information will follow in the new year.

A new programme for the summit will be launched in 2021. 

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You are welcome to contact the secretariat if you have questions for Children Need Arts.

We look forward to the work on the rights all children have to development through the arts. And, of course, we look forward to ultimately seeing you in Copenhagen in May 2022.

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