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A review of research within the effects of children’s meeting with the arts

The predominant research in this area can be found within the framework of Arts Education where education is understood in a broad sense and includes both teaching under ordinary school auspices and special projects with dissemination and teaching of artistic subjects (music, visual arts, drama, dance, etc.).

The international research is based on different national circumstances where the subject programme varies.

The mentioned subjects generally recur crosswise while other subjects occur differently. In addition, the category Arts Education is also found in general but here we are dealing with studies involving several art forms collectively or cross-disciplinarily or where we simply do not differentiate between them.

This shows a significant difference between the various art forms with regard to research, research approach and publication forms, and there is a big difference in the scale of research in the various art forms.

Report by Finn Holst for the Danish Arts Foundation.

Report in Danish with a summary in English.

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