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Reading Committees: Meeting Between Theatre and School

Illustration: Johanna Kallin / Masker: My Walther / Foto masker: Markus Gårder

A Study of the Riksteatern Project.

This thesis is about reading committees for children at the Riksteatern (National Theatre Company) in Sweden.

The purpose of the reading committees is to develop school children’s influence on the repertoire of the Riksteaterne and regional theatres in Sweden.

The aim is to develop a long-term sustainable model for increased influence of pupils on performances for children and the young, which in turn will contribute to an increase in the autonomy, self-esteem, influence and participation of children and the young.

Focus has been on the examination of the what the aesthetic perspective means for school culture and the lives and learning of pupils.

Thesis in Swedish by Lena Martelör.

Department of Child and Youth Studies, Stockholm University.

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