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Creating Our Future webinar sessions.

Australia’s arts and creativity are among our nation’s most powerful assets and will play a critical role in Australia’s future success. Results from the National Arts Participation Survey highlight the importance of arts and creativity to child development, education, local businesses and skills for the future.

The National Arts Participation Survey results show that Australians increasingly recognise the value of arts and creativity in the lives and education of children and young people with nearly three quarters agreeing that the arts should be an important part of education.

In line with a growing body of evidence that identifies creative skills as essential to workforces of the future, Creating Our Future finds that one in two Australians agree that the arts have a big or very big impact on building creative skills that will be necessary for the future workforce.

Previous research by the Australia has also shown the arts to be powerful drivers for regional, domestic and international tourism. Australians’ strong and growing engagement with arts festivals and events prior to COVID-19 highlights the critical role for arts in reinvigorating tourism and our economy.

45 mins. webinar, links to survey results.

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